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What We Offer

Kingdom Connection Christian Boutique Store hosts Christian book signing events. We also offer our services and products at gatherings and different types of events such as leadership conferences, women conferences, business conferences.  

We are also available for booking for different church events, conferences, or just for spiritual growth opportunities. We always attend the event, set up a table, and offer the items that are available on the website. As part of our mission, we want to come alongside you with unique resources designed to help you grow closer to God, to encourage, enlighten, and  inspire others.  

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Nicole C Mullen, known as an  American singer, songwriter, and choreographer. She was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Kingdom Connection Christian Boutique Store set up for a women's conference event. The products includes books, cds, and cups, mugs and hand bags, shirts, and other spiritual growth items. Our Store helps to prepare others with the necessary items that are required to live a Blessed Life. Along with being a blessing to others as well.

 Pastor/Gospel Music Artist R. A. White. Album Release " So Understanding"

Koryn Mattanah  Hawthorne is an American contemporary Christian music and gospel singer. Hawthorne was a finalist in season 8 of NBC's singing competition The Voice, at the age of 17, as a member on Pharrell William's team. 

Product Description

Only the" Word Of God" has the power to bring about changes in your life. The power of change is already within you, because He lives on the inside of you. But you want to change yourself and not allow Him to do His job. What is normal to a believer is always going to be abnormal to the world. Learn how to increase your ability to create the atmosphere for the promises of God in your life and the lives of those of whom you love and come in daily contact with. As a Christian, you have the responsibility of establishing the atmosphere stronger than anybody else that has no relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. What makes you different from everybody else is that you have the Holy Spirit dwelling on the inside of you. Who gives you the power to create a stronger atmosphere? You already have what it takes to influence the atmosphere. In order to take back what the devil has taken away from you .You are to start first by taking back                                                                       your atmosphere for the promises of God.

2019  Radical Women Revolution Conference with Taffi Dollar in Atlanta,Ga. This is a new customer from Queens, New York

This event was life changing for those who came to hear the Word of God from powerful teachers, speakers and women of faith. Kingdom Connection Christian Christian Boutique helping women around the world to grow closer to God.

Vantage Point Coaching 2019 under the leadership of the awesome  Ms. Demetria Sloan in Orlando, Florida.  The coaching of young woman in the role of  leadership and business owners. Preparing young woman for the future in being successful in accomplishing their goals for life

Demetria Sloan founder of Vantage Point Coaching LLC

Everyone loves a successful book signing !!

Author Melba K Wiggins Book Signing Event

event  enjoyed with family and friends as well as book lovers.

 Book signing for "Creating An Atmosphere For The Promises Of God".

Victories Book signing event for Author Jackie Tucker.

A powerful woman of God who is determined to bring forth the Word of God to the world.

Teaching others with her writings and speaking events. Ms. Jackie Tucker has allowed God to use her as a vessel to reach out and teach His Word.

Accomplishing Book Signing Event for Author Cynthia Anderson 

"Believe it, Say it, See it"

Minister Cynthia Anderson helps with her powerful passion for christian leadership with over twenty years of ministry, books, and speaking.